The year 2019 will go down as one of epic drives and even more epic cars. Over the past 350 or so days, has published nearly 200 reviews and first drives. And while we’re focused on finishing the year strong, it’s time to count down the best vehicles we reviewed.

The focus here is on vehicles we spent a week with at our bases in Detroit, Miami, and Cleveland, rather than those we had fleeting experiences with in far-flung destinations. That means there’s nothing here but cars you can buy, right now, at this very moment. And boy, have we driven some cars. Here are some trends from this year’s slate of reviews:

  • Two of the top three cars are electric vehicles, while the top vehicle features an electrified powertrain.
  • BMW was the undisputed winner of this year’s list, with five entries covering a wide range of vehicle types.
  • South Korea was well represented with two high-scoring vehicles, although Germany had the most entries. Cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi occupy half of our 20-car list.

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