EyeLights, a developer of augmented reality devices for mobility, has today launched EyeDrive on Indiegogo. EyeDrive turns any car windshield into a holographic surface, enabling safer navigation, music control, and phone calls, while keeping eyes away from distracting smartphones. EyeDrive is available for pre-order now and backers will begin to receive orders in March 2019.

In addition to the EyeDrive holographic display, backers can pre-order accessories for the full-car experience. Accessories include the EyeDrive Gesture Control©, a gesture sensor that uses infrared technology to detect your hand movement and launch an action. Use various gestures to accept or decline a call, manage your music or activate the rearview camera.

For the last days of the crowdfunding campaign, all Motor1.com users can benefit exclusively from a 100% dedicated Motor1.com package (EyeDrive + Gesture Control), available on the Indiegogo campaign page of the product, and can get $130 off the deal.

EyeDrive’s key features include:

A bigger, brighter holographic image: On average, EyeDrive’s holographic image is 10 times brighter and 5 times bigger than other consumer devices on the market and is clearly visible day or night. The projection is fully transparent, keeping it from obscuring objects on the road
Voice control: EyeDrive is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri; ask your phone’s assistant to play music, make phone calls, get directions, find parking, and more
Access your favorite apps: EyeDrive is compatible with Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more
Gesture control: Control your music, launch the backup camera, or manage phone calls with the swipe of a hand using the EyeDrive Gesture Control ©
Wireless, waterproof backup camera: Affix the wireless EyeDrive rearview camera to the back of your car for a high-definition image displayed on your windshield
Full-car compatibility: The EyeDrive holographic display, gesture control sensor, and rearview camera are compatible with any car. Easily install EyeDrive by plugging it into any car’s 12v socket


“The EyeLights team is proud to launch EyeDrive to improve the overall driving experience with augmented reality,” said Romain Duflot, Founder and CEO of EyeLights. “On average, drivers lose 5 full seconds of attention when they glance at their smartphones while driving. EyeDrive allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still getting crucial smartphone information.”

EyeDrive is compatible with apps including Waze, Google Maps, and Spotify, and includes a backup camera and voice and gesture control.


About EyeLights

Founded in 2016, EyeLights is a French startup that creates augmented reality devices for motor vehicles. In 2017, the company launched the first head-up display for motorcycle riders that fits in every helmet. After participating in the TechStars acceleration program, the startup closed a €2.5M seed round in 2018 and now aims to expands its technology to automobiles.
For more information, visit eye-lights on indigogo.

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