Subcompact crossovers make up the hottest segment at the moment. Almost every automaker offers one, and with starting prices typically under $20,000, it’s hard to say no to the high-riding vehicles. But not so fast; while many buyers cite spaciousness and usability, a bit of research would tell you that not all subcompact SUVs are more spacious than their hatchback counterparts.

Hyundai, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Ford, and a few others offer hatchbacks that have more rear cargo room – that is, behind the second row of seats – than similarly sized SUVs. In today’s SUV-crazed market, it’s often easy to forget that hatchbacks have nearly as much capability as some small SUVs, and more often than not, better MPG.

Here’s how six hatchbacks stack up in terms of space and efficiency relative to their SUV counterparts.

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