With even exotic brands like Bentley, Maserati, and Lamborghini now selling their own super-premium sport-utility vehicles, it seems that a not-so-subtle takeover of the luxury market is manifest destiny. Already, luxury SUVs, especially car-based crossovers, outsell upscale sedans, with compact models being especially popular these days among young up-and-comers and empty nesters alike.

And like their sedan counterparts, it seems some of these upscale people-movers are inherently more reliable over the long haul than others. This may not be as critical a consideration among those who lease a vehicle under a full warranty, but considering the high cost of luxury-vehicle repairs it should be essential to first owners who tend to hold onto their rides well beyond the final car payment, as well as those considering a pre-owned model.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled the following slideshow of what should be the 10 most-reliable luxury SUVs for 2018, based on an aggregate of vehicle durability data compiled by Consumer Reports (based on subscriber surveys), and the market research firm JD Power (based on the experience of nearly 37,000 original owners of three-year-old cars). One caveat: Not all luxury SUVs are rated by either CR or JDP, generally due to a lack of data from limited-production models and recently debuted or redesigned vehicles.

For SUV shoppers:

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