We know Mustangs can bring six-figure sums, but can they top $1 million?

A couple weeks ago at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale, Arizona auction, the first 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt brought $300,000. All the proceeds went to the Boys Republic, a school that Steve McQueen attended in his youth. It certainly wasn’t the first Mustang to sell for well over six figures, but that got us thinking – what are the most expensive Mustangs to ever sell at auction?

The folks over at CJ Pony Parts wondered that as well, and they did some legwork on the subject. It will come as no surprise to see the name Shelby associated with many of the cars on this list, but the mix of classics with newer models might be unexpected. Credit Barrett-Jackson as well as Ford for some of that, as many of the new Mustang model launches in the last 10 years have followed suit with this year’s Bullitt sale by sending proceeds to charity. There’s something special about having the first car of a series, and when the money goes to a good cause, folks seem to open their checkbooks even more.

Here’s how the list shakes down from worst to first, though in this case “worst” is still over half a million dollars.

Source: CJ Pony Parts 

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