With snow and ice blanketing much of the U.S., many car shoppers are starting to think about whether they need more driven wheels to make it to work on time. Vehicles with all-wheel or four-wheel drive – read more about the differences here – are always in hot demand during winter months.

Ultimately, Motor1.com recommends fitting dedicated winter tires to any car to improve snow and ice traction; a two-wheel-drive car with winter tires can still be a champion in foul weather. But picking an all-wheel-drive car will undoubtedly make  – and can also improve grip in the rain or on dirt roads. Potential downsides, however, can be a higher purchase price and increased fuel consumption compared to two-wheel-drive cars.

Fortunately, picking out an AWD car doesn’t need to break the bank. These are the ten most affordable new cars you can buy today with all-wheel drive. For clarity and to ensure a fair comparison, all prices include destination charges and represent the cheapest version of each model available with AWD. Prices are correct as of publication, but we’ll update this list regularly as new models debut.

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