The Volkswagen Golf is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular cars out there and at the same time it’s also one of the oldest. Having been around since 1974 and spanning across a total of seven generations, it’s safe to say the Golf had plenty of time to serve as foundation for a multitude of concepts, which thankfully it did. Today, we’re doing a recap of several Golfs that unfortunately were only shown during various events, without making it to the assembly line.

While some were too flamboyant to ever morph into production models, others seemed plausible. In the first category, VW aficionados will remember the folks from Wolfsburg managed to cram a W12 engine inside a Golf about a decade ago and in recent times they had a spectacular hybrid concept fitted with gullwing doors. In the other category, the R400 was bound to evolve into a road-going car, quite possibly as an R420 model to reflect its extra power, but it never did. You know why.

Sky’s the limit when it comes down to developing concept cars because the engineers don’t have to follow the rules applicable when working on a production model that has to satisfy a lot of requirements. When an automaker such as VW lets its imagination run wild, the Golf can be transformed into a bona fide showpiece.


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