Fiat S76 'Beast of Turin'

The FIAT S76, later known as FIAT 300 HP RECORD and nicknamed "the Beast of Turin", was a car built in 1911 by FIAT specifically to beat the land speed record held at that time by Blitzen-Benz. Its engine pumped out 28.5-liters of displacement and provided 290-horsepower. Only two were built.

In 1911, Pietro Bordino drove on the circuit of Brooklands and on the beach in Saltburn to achieve 200 kilometers per hour. In 1912, the Frenchman Arthur Duray on the straight of Ostend found a top speed of 225 kilometers per hour but that record, for irregularities of the recording, was not made official.

The S76 featured a 28.5-liter four-cylinder front engine, multi-spark cylinder ignition, four valves per cylinder, water cooling, a four-speed chain-drive manual transmission, and a solid axle suspension with front and rear leaf springs.

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