Lexus gave the GX a major update for 2024. The all-new SUV wears appropriately chunky styling that exudes ruggedness and versatility with all the luxury fixin's you'd expect to get for $65,000. But a new concept in collaboration with the luxury appliance brand Monogram proves you can add just about anything to a car.

Lexus decked out the GX with Monogram's 30-inch electric oven for baking a pizza, fancy artisanal bread, or whatever else you can fit. It's accessible through a split liftgate. It also has chilling compartments for your drinks in the center console and rear and all the necessary cutlery, hardware, and storage space for the gear.

Lexus Monogram GX Concept

External storage cubbies are built into the rear-most windows with cutouts for bottles of wine and bourbon, a bottle opener, and glasses needed for the bar. The GX also has, according to Lexus, "the first and only heated ice press in the US" that creates spherical ice cubes. It sits between the rear seats.

Two-tone camel leather with a custom pattern adorns the seats and door panel trim, with brass and titanium metal and Dekton slate stone accents. The leather also frames the rear oven, the side cubby, and the rear storage bins, which secures the pizza peel. The SUV wears custom rims and unique exterior trim.

The full list of upgrades includes:

  • Monogram 30” Smart Flush Hearth Oven
    Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press
    Exterior Wine and Bourbon Storage
    Chilling compartments
    Plating Station
    Wine and Spirits Bar

The concept makes its public debut this weekend at Aspen, Colorado's, Food and Wine Classic.

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