Ford is recalling the 2024 Mustang after discovering the clutch pressure line could melt, leaking fluid that could prevent manual-equipped models from shifting gears. A total of 8,161 affected vehicles might have a missing or improperly installed barrel nut that attaches the line to the firewall stud.

If the line comes into contact with hot exhaust components, it could melt, leaking the brake fluid used in the clutch system. If this accumulates under the hood near a heat source, the fluid could smoke or start a fire, according to the recall report. Drivers might experience difficulty shifting gears, and the engine could stall on throttle tip-out, which could increase the risk of a crash.

Ford first learned of a potential issue on April 30, 2024, when it reviewed two reports of underhood fires on manual-equipped 2024 Mustangs. The automaker’s Critical Concern Review Group inspected both vehicles and discovered the cause. Ford says it’s aware of two potentially related reports of fires and another regarding smoke. However, it’s unaware of any injuries or accidents related to the issue.

Ford told us that a third of the affected vehicles are not yet in customers's hands and that the repair is available now if owners contact their dealer. The automaker will begin notifying owners via mail on June 17. It'll ask them to take their Mustang to their local dealer, where a service technician will inspect the line and repair it as needed.

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