Mercedes-AMG does engine assembly a bit differently than most manufacturers. While your average engine will travel down an assembly line and receive parts from multiple workers, AMG's "One Man, One Engine" philosophy means just one master technician is responsible for most of an engine's assembly process. And it's magical to watch.

The GommeBlog YouTube channel got the chance to follow a singular 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 through AMG's manufacturing center in Affalterbach, getting up close and personal with Jannick Stahl, the engine's builder. We get to see the pistons go into the block, the heads torqued into place, and the BorgWarner turbochargers mounted.

The One Man, One Engine process remains true here. Stahl is the only person to perform any of the assembly processes, albeit with a ton of assistance from factory equipment. There are dozens of highly complex tools used, so it's tough to call engines like these "hand-made." Still, we get to see Stahl install the iconic nameplate badge onto the top of the engine once he's done. Satisfying.

Once the engine is ready to be fired up, it's passed to a dyno technician and placed on an engine dyno for a short test to ensure good running order. From there, the V-8 is boxed up and shipped out to whichever assembly factory it's destined for, whether it be for the AMG GT, the AMG G63, the AMG S63 E Performance, or another model.

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