The road-going M4 got a mid-cycle facelift at the beginning of the year. Now BMW is aligning the race cars with the coupe's updated styling. The GT3 and GT4 are receiving the EVO treatment ahead of their motorsport debut scheduled for the 2025 season. As expected, the GT3 takes center stage since it fights in an upper echelon than the GT4.

The 2025-spec M4 GT3 EVO inherits the new headlights from the street-legal car but with the yellow daytime running lights that we saw on the M4 CS limited edition. Aside from having a new look, the front lights are lighter and easier to service than the old setup. At the rear, the track-only machine gets the laser taillights we first saw on a BMW back in 2022 on the M4 CSL.

2025 BMW M4 GT3 EVO

The Bavarian racer now has smaller mirrors and bigger louvers for the front wheel arches to improve airflow for better aerodynamics. To increase downforce at the rear axle, BMW changed the angle of that massive wing. Other modifications include special anti-roll bars at both axles, bigger rear brake discs, and an optimized differential to facilitate easier adjustments.

These official images don't do it justice since the M4 GT3 EVO is imposingly large. At 197.6 inches, it's nearly as long as a 7 Series E65. At 80.3 inches wide, it's about as wide as a Bugatti Chiron. Just so we're clear, the length and width haven't changed compared to the non-EVO version. To save weight, the race car is no longer painted conventionally. Instead, it benefits from cathodic dip coating. In addition, some sections of the body now have exposed carbon fiber by doing away with the non-reflective matte black foil.

2025 BMW M4 GT3 EVO
2025 BMW M4 GT3 EVO

Power comes from the P58 engine, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six with up to 590 horsepower channeled to the road via a six-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox. It's an evolution of the transmission used in the M8 GTE. BMW claims the turbos are now more reliable, without requiring any service during the first 12,427 miles.

The M4 GT3 EVO has some big shoes to fill considering the current model has scored more than 80 victories and has won nine titles so far. It has a net price of €578,000, so roughly $625,000 at current exchange rates.

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