Nissan has a new perfume that smells like tires. It also smells like cherry blossoms, because Japan is world-famous for its cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Yes, it's a supremely weird combination and yes, it's a legit perfume. The fragrance is called Smell My Dust, and we're dying to find out how it smells.

That might be tough, though. Nissan doesn't tell us how to get a bottle, but its announcement coincides with the upcoming Formula E race taking place this weekend in Shanghai. It's the first time the electric series has gone to Shanghai, and Nissan hopes to grab some extra attention with its new fragrance. Apparently, weird perfumes and colognes are popular with younger generations.

Smell My Dust

Nissan worked with a perfume lab in Shanghai to bring this scent to life. The exact composition is unknown, though Top Gear claims actual bits of tire dust were used in its creation. Nissan has done well in Formula E this year, earning six podium finishes and one event win to currently hold third place in the overall standings. And this is how the team decided to celebrate.

It's not the first bottle of Nissan-branded smells, however. There's an entire line of aromatic automotive offerings at, including savory scents like Armada, GTR, Patrol, and 350Z—the latter of which is described as a  "cooling fragrance" that evokes a "sensation of purity." It makes us wonder how Smell My Dust might be described. An airy fragrance of earthy delights fused with the essence of vehicular parking lot antics. You can have that one for free, Nissan.

If we happen to get our hands on a bottle, we'll let you know just what you're missing. Whether that's for better or worse, we honestly have no idea.

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