The Sultan of Brunei's family spent billions of dollars to buy more than 7,000 cars, many of which were not available to regular customers. Aside from an ultra-rare Bentley Turbo R wagon, there was another estate car, perhaps even more spectacular. Meet this special LM002, converted from a pickup truck to a wagon. It is believed that just three were built but only this one had Lamborghini's stamp of approval.

The regular LM002 is already a rare sight since only about 300 were produced between 1986 and 1993. This long-roof conversion is part of an eclectic collection of cars in Sweden as the LM002 wagon belongs to high-end dealer Motikon. The conversion from a truck to a wagon added about 1,100 pounds, resulting in a curb weight of more than 6,600 pounds. With a thirsty V-12 engine sourced from the Countach, fuel consumption must be terrible.

This 1989 LM002 is in great shape, having been driven for only about 6,200 miles. Motikon intends to spruce it up here and there but it's already looking like a time capsule. The off-roader wasn't converted to the wagon body style by Lamborghini but the automaker officially sanctioned it. Salvatore Diomante, Bizzarrini's factory manager in the 1960s, performed the transformation.

Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, only drove it for about 1,100 miles before former BMW and Volkswagen CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder bought it. It changed hands once again, and a Swedish woman used it to drive her kids to school. There's plenty of space inside since there are three passenger seats and three benches.

Because it's a 35-year-old vehicle, it's in dire need of fresh tires. Motikon founder and CEO Filip Larsson says he's currently negotiating to buy a set for the LM002 but there's apparently only one in the world available. Price? About $54,000. Yikes.

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