Tesla vehicle owners who didn't opt for the $12,000 Full Self-Driving (FSD) option will have the ability to try it out for free, provided the car is properly equipped for it. Elon Musk shared the news on X in a simple post, but it seems there's a bit more happening behind the scenes regarding Tesla's notorious driver-assist system.

An internal Tesla memo seen by Bloomberg News allegedly instructs company employees to install FSD on all vehicles. They are also instructed to take owners on a short test drive to demonstrate the system. Bloomberg's report suggests this applies not just to new purchases, but owners of older vehicles who come in for services. Musk's statement on X also implies this. We contacted Tesla requesting more information but a response wasn't received before publication. We will certainly update the post should we hear back.


It's also unclear if this FSD tutorial is motivated by legal reasons, a marketing push, or a combination of the two. In December 2023, Tesla recalled over two million vehicles for a software update to its Autopilot system, requiring more stringent measures to ensure drivers don't abuse the system.

A lengthy investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration specifically found fault with the autosteer function in Full Self-Driving. The ensuing update added more driver notifications to keep hands on the wheel as well as a system deactivation for repeated misuse.

In the Tesla memo, Musk reportedly stated that almost nobody realizes how well the system works, and said that instructing vehicle owners on it was a "hard requirement" according to Bloomberg.

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