Like the Veyron before it, the Chiron has spawned more special editions than we can count. Add into the equation that production numbers are higher (500 vs 450 units), and there's no shortage of interesting iterations. Before the new Bugatti debuts in the coming months, the house of Molsheim is highlighting the outgoing W-16 monster for yet another one-off build.

Based on the hotter Super Sport, this sinister Chiron carries the "Hommage T50S" suffix. No, it's not related in any way to Gordon Murray Automotive's GMA T50s. Instead, it takes after the Type 50S, a race car from 1931. That year, Bugatti made its official factory debut at Le Mans on the iconic Circuit de la Sarthe on its home turf in France. Six years later, in 1937, Bugatti triumphed at Le Mans with the Type 57G Tank.

This menacing Chiron Super Sport echoes its forebearer with the same grid pattern for the horseshoe grille with a painted "5" logo. The racing number is repeated on the doors where it's been hand-painted in white for a contrasting effect. The profile also hosts a Le Mans 1931 graphic ahead of the rear wheels while the underside of the active rear spoiler has the Circuit de la Sarthe layout.

Bugatti doesn't say who owns this car, but it could be someone from the United States judging by the orange side markers on the wheel arches. We do know the wealthy client wanted a black-on-black Chiron that evoked the company's illustrious past. On that note, even the engine cover of the quad-turbo, 8.0-liter powerhouse is a nod to the Type 50S. It has similar circular patterns with an ornamental engine turning effect and a "Perlée" finish.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Hommage T50S
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Hommage T50S

Inside, the storage area and knee protectors on the side of the center console have the same look. The track's layout is also noticeable, as are the gorgeous door cards adorned by a hand-applied representation of the 1931 racer. Rounding off the unique details are the seats with their headrests featuring a hand-stitched "Le Mans 1931" script.

This Super Sport was built with the optional Sky View glass roof that increases headroom by 1.06 inches. It features a pair of fixed panels with a laminated structure and four intermediate layers to keep the cabin quiet and also cool.

Bugatti isn't saying how much the owner paid for their tailor-made Chiron but we'll remind you a "base" Super Sport was available from $3,825,000 before extras.

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