In April 2023, Porsche issued a recall for nearly all Carrera GTs sold in North America. We're talking about a very rare supercar here, so in this case, nearly all equals 489 vehicles. With that recall came a warning from Porsche to not drive the car, lest something happen that could cause a crash. These aren't exactly daily drivers, so parking the Carrera GT in the garage probably isn't a big deal for most owners. But nine months later, that warning is still in place. Yikes.

We covered the recall last year, but the current status of the Carrera GT was brought to life by Jalopnik. Reaching out to Porsche, it was revealed that a fix still hasn't been finalized for the problem. Furthermore, a spokesperson told the website that it could be several months yet, coming sometime in the third quarter of 2024. That would be July at the earliest – one year and approximately two months after the stop-drive warning was issued.

2003 Porsche Carrera GT

Yes, not being able to drive your million-dollar supercar is a first-world problem. But technically, you can drive it. Porsche strongly recommends against it, but therein lies another aspect of this saga we hadn't considered. It seems some of these owners have learned that insurance coverage could be dropped if something happens to the car while being driven, because Porsche told owners not to do it. The Jalopnik crew contacted an insurance company and were basically told the same thing. Bummer.

As a refresher, this all stems from a potential issue regarding spherical joints connecting the wishbone suspension components. Porsche found some broken joints during a standard vehicle inspection that the vehicle owner apparently wasn't aware of. A deep dive determined that the material used for the joints doesn't provide "sufficient resistance to intergranular stress corrosion when exposed to salt and mechanical stress over service life."

The fix, then, is new joints. But after nine months, that hasn't happened yet. We've reached out to Porsche in hopes of gaining some additional insight into the repair and what some of the challenges are, because frankly, we're curious. We will give you an update if new information becomes available, but in the meantime, we'll have to keep driving the Enzo. Darn it all.

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