Bugatti has announced that the Chiron is finally coming to an end eight years after its introduction in 2016. This is the last one to leave the Bugatti factory at Molsheim... sort of. This is the finale of the Chiron 1500 PS trim, and although it's been fully worked over by Bugatti's Sur Measure in-house customization service, make no mistake — this is just the last base model Chiron. It's not the end of the Chiron entirely, or the much more dramatic and long-awaited finale of the W16 powerplant.


This example, which Bugatti finished in colors it calls Nocturne and Copper, was delivered to Bilal Hydrie, a Canadian oil and gas company executive and a self-described "entrepreneur and risk-taker." According to his Instagram, Hydrie ordered his final-example Chiron sometime in November of 2021. While he did half-heartedly scribble out the pricing information in his post, he managed to ensure that one key digit was left uncovered, so we know that his Chiron cost upwards of $3,000,000. Not bad for an entry-level car.

Hydrie's "final" Chiron comes after the final Chiron Super Sport 300+ was delivered, and the final available-for-sale Chiron Profilèe sold for $10.8 million at auction last year. Hydrie's Chiron will not retain the superlative for long either, as buyers who are not satiated by mere base trims get their final cars. Still left are an unknown number of the Chiron Pur Sport, as well as the W16-powered Mistral and Bolide.

Bugatti Chiron 1500
Bugatti Chiron 1500

Delivery dates for those vehicles are still unclear; Bugatti has simply said the finale will be here in a "few months with the delivery of the last [Chiron] example." The last W16-powered car will be somewhere in one of those vehicles, as the successor to the Chiron will eschew the 8.0-liter powerplant in favor of a hybrid V8 drivetrain. Expect to see that car unveiled this year ahead of production starting in 2026.

In the meantime, we can take bets on just how many more "final" cars roll out of Molsheim before we see the Chiron's very long-awaited successor.

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Source: Bugatti
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