Remember the snazzy Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato that debuted in August? It was called Opera Unica, and it took 370 hours to complete its extremely detailed paint job. That's the equivalent of working 15 days straight. It took a bit longer to dress up the Huracán's big brother in a similar suit. Say hello to the Lamborghini Revuelto Opera Unica.

Presented on Wednesday at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, Lamborghini says the intricate exterior required 435 hours to finish. That's 18 days on the dot. The custom interior added another 220 hours to the project. It's not a carbon copy of the Huracán Sterrato Opera Unica, either. This one incorporates purple and black – specifically, Viola Pasifae and Nero Helene – amid streaks of red, blue, and other shades.

Lamborghini Revuelto Opera Unica

Moving inside, you'll find a two-tone leather interior with more purple and black – this time Viola Acutus and Nero Ade – incorporating a similar theme with streaks of warm and cool colors scattered about. There are 60th anniversary logos stitched into the headliner, door inserts, and headrests. To make sure you comprehend the level of detail executed for this project, Lamborghini specifically mentions the colorful brushstrokes on the start/stop cover. 

"We wanted to create something purely artistic using brushes and a combination of colors, as if the Revuelto was a canvas," said Lamborghini Design Director Mitja Borkert. "That is what fueled our inspiration for this special livery. With the dynamic hand-painted exterior we
really emphasize the aerodynamics and speed of the car."

Lamborghini Revuelto Opera Unica
Lamborghini Revuelto Opera Unica
Lamborghini Revuelto Opera Unica

One might argue that the Revuelto needs no such emphasis. Its edgy body has more scoops than a sketchy tabloid, and the design looks imported straight from the 31st century. If the visuals aren't enough, there's a screaming 6.5-liter V12 tucked behind the driver for good measure. Fused with three electric motors, the Revuelto creates a combined 1,001 horsepower. Lamborghini says it's enough for the hypercar to reach 60 mph in an estimated 2.6 seconds, en route to a 217-mph top speed.

We suspect this particular example will never see such velocities. It will be seen, however, as it's on display for Art Basel to help Lamborghini celebrate its 60th anniversary before it heads to its new owner. Yes, Lamborghini sold this one-off to one very wealthy collector for over than $1 million.

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Source: Lamborghini
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