After four years we're finally getting information on the Tesla Cybertruck people can buy. We found something very curious among the various stats on Tesla's website. The maximum range for the electric truck is 340 miles in dual-motor AWD trim, but a range extender is available that stretches it to an estimated 470 miles. The numbers are all well and good, but did we read that right? The Cybertruck has a range extender?

Our thoughts immediately went to the irony of a Tesla using a combustion engine as a range extender, but that's not the case at all. As explained in a social media post from Drew Baglino, Tesla's senior vice president of powertrain and energy, the Cybertruck's range extender is actually another battery pack. It's the size of a toolbox and installs in the bed behind the cab. It will be available as an accessory to Cybertruck owners, though it's not listed for the single-motor trim.


Basic math tells us that 340 to 470 miles is a 130-mile improvement, and we see the same increase for the range-topping tri-motor Cyberbeast. For the record, its range jumps from 320 to 450 miles.

Even with the range extender, the production Cybertruck can't match the promise of 500 miles Elon Musk made back in 2019. It's worth noting, however, that we haven't yet had full disclosure on all the Cybertruck trims. The single-motor truck won't be available until 2025, and we're still missing a plethora of stats on that rig. The base version offers a 250-mile range, but a long-range single-motor truck could certainly arrive between now and then.

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In the meantime, Cybertruck production should ramp up next year for dual-motor and tri-motor buyers. Today's event at Tesla's Texas factory highlighted Cybertruck features and culminated with deliveries of the first 10 pickups. The dual-motor AWD trim is currently the "entry-level" choice, delivering 600 hp for a starting price of $69,990. The tri-motor Cyberbeast dishes out 845 hp and sprints to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, but you'll pay $99,990 for such oomph.

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