We've seen some rough Nissan Skylines, but this one might just be the worst. Found tucked into the back of an auction lot in Japan covered in rust, it's clearly beyond saving. Yet, because GT-R prices have gone through the roof, there's still value to be had despite the horrid condition.

Australia-based Motive Video on YouTube recently attended an auction in Japan specifically for cars in poor condition, like this R32-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R. Before heading in to start bidding, the channel briefly examined the car to see exactly how bad the damage was. The front and rear windscreens are missing, and there's paint peeling on virtually every panel. At one point it seems tape was the only thing holding the trunk lid in place.

The worst part of this GT-R, though, is the rust. It's fully overtaken the metal on the rear right quarter panel, and got bad enough to form holes in the rocker panels. Peeling paint and missing glass are fixable, but rust this bad? We're confident the only place this chassis belongs is the junkyard.

The Motive folks thought it might be a good idea to bid on this GT-R thinking it'd go for cheap, making for a fun project car series for their channel. But they underestimated the value of the GT-R nameplate. The Motive crew placed a maximum bid of 1.8 million yen (about $12,000), but were outbid, with the maximum bid reaching 2.2 million yen (just under $15,000). Amazingly, the car didn't meet its reserve of 2.7 million yen (over $18,000).

While that might sound like a ridiculous amount of money for a car destined for a scrap pile, it's important to note that things like drivetrain, brakes, and wheels are extremely valuable. Not to mention body panels like the bumper that aren't too damaged. We bet the right parts distributer could still make a profit if this car is parted out correctly. 

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