The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is a legendary name in the world of automotive design and performance. Launched in 1967, this Italian masterpiece has always been celebrated for its stunning aesthetics and exceptional engineering. Fast forward to the present day, and the iconic 33 Stradale has received a contemporary makeover, reimagined for the modern era. Frank Stephenson, the designer responsible for the look of the McLaren P1 and many other vehicles, has recently dissected this new interpretation of the beautiful classic.

Reviving a legend like the 33 Stradale is no small feat. It requires a designer who not only understands the heritage of the original but can also envision a future that respects the past. The modern version of the car reimagines the ancestor from the 1960s with a perfect blend of retro and contemporary design elements. It retains the sensuous curves and aerodynamic lines that made the original an icon while incorporating modern materials and technology. The result is a car that's a feast for the eyes and a marvel of engineering.

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Frank Stephenson finds this new design almost perfect. Almost means he has some points of critique but overall, his first reaction to the new 33 Stradale was completely positive. He has mostly small touches to add, such as a simplified version of the Alfa Romeo logo on the front fascia and more gentle curves of the front fenders. Oh, and he poses an important question – where does the front license plate go on that fascia?

In the video attached at the top of this page, Stephenson applies all the little changes to the design of the new supercar that he finds necessary. Most of these create a more direct connection with the original car and give the new 33 Stradale a slightly more retro look. We’d like to hear if you find his corrections meaningful. 

As for Frank Stephenson himself, his impressive career in the automotive world spans several decades and includes tenures at esteemed companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, and Mini. His deep connection with the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is no secret. He has, on many occasions in previous videos, expressed his admiration for the original design, ranking it among his top three favorite automotive creations ever.

Want to hear our thoughts on the new 33 Stradale? Watch us discuss it in our podcast below.

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