When you think of a model from Jeep, your mind probably doesn't conjure a sleek shape. Boxy, rugged-looking vehicles are a central part of the brand's aesthetic. Don't expect this to change, according to Jeep Avenger designer Daniele Calonaci.

"There's a lot of companies around the world that are going into the crossover world, but Jeep will remain more… boxy world," Calonaci told Top Gear.

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Calonaci says he sees crossovers with roof boxes because the vehicles don't provide enough storage. "Jeep will remain boxy," he said. "Maybe we will lose two kilometers in the range, but in the end we will make our customer happy."

The compact Avenger EV is helping Jeep to re-establish the brand in the UK and Europe. It received the 2023 Car of the Year award at the Brussels International Motor Show. The vehicle has a single motor making 154 horsepower (115 kilowatts) and 191 pound-feet (260 Newton-meters) of torque. A 54-kilowatt-hour battery provides 249 miles (400 kilometers) of range in Europe's WLTP cycle. An all-wheel drive variant is reportedly coming eventually. In some markets, a 1.2-liter gasoline engine is available.

Jeep has no plans to sell the Avenger in the US. It's available in Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Jeep delivered 1.11 million vehicles worldwide in 2022, which was the lowest figure since 2014. The sales volume was down 13 percent from 2021. The US and Canada accounted for 67 percent of the automaker's global figures. Latin America was the brand's second-largest market. Meanwhile, the company struggled in Europe, including Renegade sales falling 23 percent, and the Compass dropped 16 percent.

Jeep has two more EVs coming in 2024. The automaker describes one as a "Pure Offroad UV," and it rides on the STLA Frame platform. The other is the "Lifestyle Family SUV," but no details are available about the model.

A Wrangler EV allegedly premieres in 2027. No specific details are available yet, except for Jeep wanting the vehicle to be very capable off-road.

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