MG made waves earlier this summer with the Cyberster electric vehicle. The bite-sized coupe is a nice addition to the growing selection of electric cars. Still, the brand offers other models in its lineup, like the small and affordable MG3. New spy photos show the automaker is testing the next-generation version.

The MG3 is old, the second generation originally debuting for the 2011 model year. The vehicle has since received two facelifts, the most recent one in 2018, but those mild makeovers can only do so much to keep a car feeling fresh. The arrival of the next-generation model will usher in, at a minimum, a new exterior look.

Gallery: Next-gen MG3 Spy Photos

While MG tries to hide the car’s design under a full-body camouflage wrap, some details are visible. The new MG3 retains the current car’s general aesthetic at the front with a prominent grille and a slim lower opening flanked by sportier intakes. This fresh styling sits below thinner headlights, and the overall design somewhat mimics the MG5’s appearance.

There are bigger changes at the rear, with the MG adopting a more traditional rear-end design. It has a newly restyled hatch, reworked taillights, and a sporty rear bumper. Sharp design lines down the sides help accentuate the doors and rear fenders. This should help the hatch look a bit more dynamic.

The photos fail to show off the car’s cabin, but the dashboard does look busy compared to the current model. The new MG3 should feature a larger infotainment screen with updated software. The automaker might also include a digital instrument cluster, but affordability is a core vehicle feature, so don’t expect it to have all the bells and whistles.

Powertrain details for the new MG3 remain a mystery, but unlike the Cyberster, we expect the hatch to stick with gasoline power with some electrical assist. A hybrid or mild-hybrid version is possible. Other choices could be available depending on the region. MG will offer it in European and Asian markets, and it should be available with both manual and automatic transmissions. 

It’s not clear when MG will reveal the new model. It could happen next year even though the hatch looks like it’s ready for production right now in these latest spy photos. The MG3 won’t be available in the US, regardless of when it debuts.

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