At the beginning of the month, Car and Driver cited two independent sources familiar with AMG's agenda about plans to bring back the V8 in the C63 and E63. Days later, Auto Motor und Sport spoke with an AMG engineer who denied the original report, describing it as "pure nonsense." So, is it coming back or not? Sadly, the V8 is dead in these two cars. The Drive talked with the AMG CEO and he revealed the 4.0-liter engine won't be returning.

In an interview during the Monterey Car Week, Michael Schiebe did not hesitate to "definitely deny" rumors about the C63 and E63 reverting to V8 power. AMG's head honcho went on to say the decision to downsize and electrify was the right move seeing as how competitors are also coming out with sporty hybrids featuring smaller engines.

Mercedes-AMG C63 and E63 Final Edition

Consequently, the C63 will keep its plug-in hybrid based around a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine while the E63 is expected to utilize a 3.0-liter, inline-six mill and become a PHEV as well. Pictured above, the "Final Edition" of the two high-performance, previous-generation sedans marked the end of the road for the eight-cylinder models.

Archrival BMW has a different approach considering the M3 still has an inline-six and is likely to keep it until the current-generation model's demise in the second half of the decade. Meanwhile, the new M5 coming in 2024 has been confirmed to retain the V8, albeit it's going to be part of a plug-in hybrid setup.

Audi Sport has said it will never launch four-cylinder RS cars, meaning the next RS4 will retain its V6 since we can't imagine it getting the inline-five. Big-brother RS6 is keeping the brawny V8 for the time being, with a hardcore version of Ingolstadt's super wagon coming in 2024 with even more power.

We don't like saying this, but time is running out for large-displacement ICEs. That's especially true in the European Union where stricter emissions regulations are forcing automakers to downsize and/or electrify. With the Euro 7 standards earmarked for 2025, the days are numbered for big gasoline engines. Another nail in the large ICE's coffin is represented by the heavy taxation in some countries, not just from Europe.

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