Ford launched a new GT supercar in 2005 to commemorate its 24 Hours of Le Mans victories in the 1960s and the company's centennial anniversary. Over 4,000 of these cars were produced, making them rare and valuable. That's partly why seeing this Ford GT get the love it needs in this video on Ammo NYC's YouTube channel is so satisfying.  

White with blue stripes, the 2005 Ford GT sat outside after its owner suddenly passed away. It only has 2,500 miles, but exposure to the elements has taken its toll, leaving the paint weathered and leaves deposited in every exterior nook and cranny. Even worse, there are signs of a mouse infestation. 

Most Ford GTs live pampered lives, tucked away in garages and displayed at car shows. According to Hagerty, they are worth between $380,000 to $430,000 US dollars in good to excellent condition, with pristine examples touching $500K. The deceased GT owner's son plans to get it cleaned up and serviced before listing it on Cars & Bids.   

The job starts with vacuuming the frunk before power washing it, the engine bay, and the exterior of the Ford GT. It's shocking how much dirt and debris are in this car. On the surface, it looked much cleaner than this 1980s Chevrolet Camaro covered in spores, but inside the frunk, engine compartment, and underneath, it's much worse. Without going into too much detail, it looks like the floor of a forest more than the underside of a car. 

After untold hours of cleaning, scrubbing, and detailing, the Ford GT looks almost new. Before listing it on Cars & Bids, Doug DeMuro shows up at the Ammo NYC shop, and the two take the car for a spin.

DeMuro owns a Ford GT, which he says he drives just about every day. He currently has 41,000 miles on his car and has not had a problem with it. Being of tall stature, he says it's comfortable to drive. The only things he doesn't like are the doors, which he said can take your head off, and the seats, which could be more comfortable. 

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