The original Jeep CJ was a tough act to follow, but the Jeep Wrangler YJ more than held its own. Built from 1986 to 1995, it retained the original Jeep's rugged character but was more comfortable with modern amenities, a wider track, and better on-road handling. Even so, it remained a tough, sturdy vehicle that seems happiest when embarking on an off-road adventure, or taking the road less traveled. 

It's possible the short drive undertaken by this Jeep Wrangler in this video could be due to a desire to stay off the pavement. But it's more likely that the episode can be chalked up to the owner forgetting to set the parking brake while the Jeep sits in the driveway. It's parked in front of the garage on what looks like a quiet summer evening when suddenly it starts to roll backward silently in a slow arc down the hill. 

The Jeep dodges two trees before coming to a temporary halt. Then it pulls forward, hitting one of the trees in a low-speed head-on collision. The owner and his dog come running just as it comes to a stop. It's hard to tell what's just beyond the trees and the immobilized Jeep. In addition to more trees, there is either a small ravine or possibly a pond. Either way, the Jeep was fortunate it didn't roll into that area. 

Amazingly the Jeep appears undamaged, thanks to the custom solid steel front bumper with a built-in winch. Even the off-road lights are intact. It seems as though the Jeep just nonchalantly shrugged off the low-speed impact like it's no big deal. 

The owner starts the Jeep and returns it to its parking spot in front of the garage. After double-checking the Jeep to make sure it won't roll away this time, he strolls away, stopping to stare at the hillside before walking out of sight. It's almost as if he can't believe his luck or he's imagining how much worse the accident could have been. 

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