Whether you’re working on restoring a Jeep or just looking to install upgrades, buying parts online has never been easier thanks to eBay Motors. You can search for particular parts right from the eBay Motors homepage or use the helpful My Garage feature to focus searches on specific vehicles. Either way, here are the five best parts to buy for your Jeep Wrangler on eBay Motors.

Wrangler JK security center console

5 Best Parts To Buy For Your Jeep Wrangler On eBay

Driving a Jeep Wrangler is all about enjoying the open road without doors or a top, but the problem with that level of freedom is the ease at which it affords criminals to steal things out of your Jeep. Even though the Wrangler JK is equipped with a locking center console and glove compartment, added security is never a bad thing. That’s where items like this Tuffy center console make life easier. This fully enclosed steel safe fits inside the factory center console to maintain a stock look while providing increased security for your items. Find the Wrangler JK security center console on eBay right now starting from $149.99. 

Wrangler TJ/LJ Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) 

5 Best Parts To Buy For Your Jeep Wrangler On eBay

If you are planning on putting a suspension lift on your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, then you will want to install a slip yoke eliminator (SYE). The factory design of these Wranglers features a slip yoke connecting the rear driveshaft to the transfer case, but this design can become problematic when the angle of the driveshaft is increased during a lift, which can lead to the driveshaft slipping off the rear output shaft. This upgrade is recommended for any lift on the TJ (as well as the YJ Wrangler), but it is required for lift kits of more than four inches. Find the Wrangler TJ/LJ Slip Yoke Eliminator right now on eBay from $229.95.

Wrangler YJ soft top kit 

5 Best Parts To Buy For Your Jeep Wrangler On eBay

Over the last year, the market for used Jeeps has exploded in popularity, which has made it difficult for aftermarket suppliers to keep parts in stock. One of the hardest parts to find for Jeep owners is replacement tops, but eBay still has a vast assortment of tops whether you’re looking for a complete top or just replacement parts such as door surrounds and window skins. Most soft tops are sold out from all suppliers, but this listing is for a complete soft top kit for the YJ Wrangler (1987-95) and it’s a Rampage top so you know it’s a high-quality replacement. Find the Wrangler YJ Soft Top Kit on eBay right now for $550.65.

Wrangler JL/Gladiator angry grille

5 Best Parts To Buy For Your Jeep Wrangler On eBay

Angry grilles are a popular upgrade for Jeeps right now, and if you want to add this look to the front of your JL Wrangler (2018-newer) or Jeep Gladiator, eBay has a wide selection of styles available. This matte black grille gives the Wrangler or Gladiator the angry eye look while providing more airflow than a stock grille to keep the engine compartment cool. Unlike other angry grilles, this one even preserves the Wrangler’s iconic image by offering a stylized version of Jeep’s seven-slot grille design. Find this Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator Angry Grille on eBay right now for $116.99.

Wrangler tube doors with mirrors

Jeep Wrangler tube doors with mirrors on eBay

One of the best parts about owning a Jeep Wrangler is driving with the top and doors off. Removing the doors is extremely easy, but doing so eliminates the convenience of an armrest and the safety of door mirrors. Opting for a set of tube doors with mirrors solves both problems, while adding an extra dose of personality and style to any Wrangler. Tube doors are easy to install and use since they utilize the factory slide pins and door latches designed for the OEM doors. Find tube doors with mirrors on eBay right now for $220 and up.

5 Best Parts To Buy On eBay Motors For The Jeep Wrangler

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