Alfa Romeo has started the countdown to the reveal of its long-awaited supercar by setting up a livestream on its official YouTube channel. Premiering August 30, the unnamed flagship model will be revealed at the company’s museum located in Arese, Milan. It's going to be a "creation brought about by the courage and passion of a team striving to make its dream come true."

The fabled Italian brand part of the Stellantis automotive conglomerate goes on to describe it as a "veritable appointment with history, a unique moment of pure Italian automotive excitement, to be experienced first-hand." According to a new report published by our colleagues at Italy, the high-performance vehicle will be based on the Maserati MC20 but with a hybrid twist.

2024 Alfa Romeo Supercar Rendering

2024 Alfa Romeo Supercar rendering by Motor1

While Maserati's supercar can be had with the Nettuno engine before a purely electric powertrain arrives in 2024 for the MC20 Folgore, the equivalent Alfa Romeo is allegedly going to combine a gasoline engine with an electric motor. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 and "at least one e-motor" are said to deliver a combined output of approximately 800 horsepower. That would represent a notable jump from the gas-fueled MC20 with its 621 hp. Others are claiming the hybrid variant will be built alongside a purely electric sibling but nothing is official yet.

According to the same report, the new range-topping Alfa Romeo is rumored to be sold out already. Only a "few dozen" are going to be made at what we can only assume was a seven-figure price tag that might never be revealed to the public. The supercar is said to take after the 33 Stradale in terms of styling but also as far as the name is concerned.

It remains to be seen whether this will be the final Alfa Romeo model to have an internal combustion engine. Next year, a small crossover positioned below the Tonale will be launched as a sister model of the Jeep Avenger. The latter is primarily sold as an EV but customers can also order one with a turbocharged 1.2-liter three-pot benefitting from mild-hybrid tech.

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