[UPDATE 2] Livestream for day 4 added. Full schedule is attached at the bottom.

[UPDATE] Goodwood Festival of Speed organizers have decided to cancel the events planned for Saturday, July 15, because of high winds. It is the first time in the show's 30-year history that Saturday activities have been canceled. Attached below is the official statement:

"It is with deep regret that we have taken the decision that the Goodwood Festival of Speed will not go ahead tomorrow (Saturday 15 July 2023). After consulting meteorologists, health and safety experts and other key stakeholders, we have taken the decision to close the event site due to a severe wind warning in the Goodwood area. On-site safety is our highest priority and the forecasted high winds will pose a serious risk to various temporary structures across the site. We politely ask that you do not travel to Goodwood or attempt to access the site." 

In today's fast-paced world, it’s perfectly understandable why some are finding static car shows a bit on the bland side. While the Goodwood Festival of Speed is not an auto show in the traditional sense of meaning, it is a great place to see classic and modern cars being driven up the famous hill.

With the event's popularity growing over the years, some automakers are choosing to unveil new products here. 2023 is no exception as we'll be witnessing some premieres. The event takes place over the course of four days, kicking off on July 13 and ending on July 16.

Here is the full schedule (local time) for Sunday, July 16:

7 AM - Gates Open

8:00 AM - Holy Communion

8:30 AM - Batch 6b: First Glance + Road Bikes

9:10 AM - Batch 6a: Supercar Run

9:30 AM - Goodwood Action Sports: Warm-Up Show

9:50 AM - Batch 1 - Ken Block Moment, Tin Tops, Drift, Rally & WRC

10:30 AM - Batch 3 - Goodwood 75

11:00 AM - Porsche "Art of Dreams" Moment

11:05 AM - Balcony Moment - Ferrari Le Mans Winners

11:15 AM - Batch 4 - Lotus Moment, McLaren, GP Greats & MotoGP

11:30 AM - Goodwood Action Sports: Show

12:00 PM - Batch 5 - Porsche 75

12:35 PM - Porsche 75 Celebration Moment

12:40 PM - Batch 2 - Le Mans, NASCAR, Sports Racers

1:20 PM - Batch 4 - McLaren Moment, Lotus, GP Greats & MotoGP + Jeff Beck cars

2:00 PM - Balcony Moment: Interview with Moto GP Riders

2:10 PM - Shoot-Out

2:30 PM - Goodwood Action Sports: Show

3:15 PM - Batch 3 - Goodwood 75

3:50 PM - Balcony Moment - Interview with Sebastian Vettel

4:00 PM - Batch 5 - Porsche 75

4:30 PM - Goodwood Action Sports: Competition (BMX Mountain Bike Best Trick)

4:35 PM - Batch 2 - Le Mans, NASCAR, Sports Racers

5:15 PM - Batch 6a: Supercar Run

5:55 PM - Batch 6b: First Glance + Road Bikes

6:25 PM - Batch 1 - Driftkhana, Tin Tops, Rally & WRC

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