Law enforcement vehicles lead grueling lives. Even though they spend much of their time idling or parked, they are called at a moment's notice to engage in high-speed pursuits, cover a variety of terrain, take hard turns, and make sudden stops. The only thing that suffers more than the vehicle is the tire. Fortunately, BFGoodrich has the answer in the form of a purpose-built, all-season tire built specifically to take that punishment.

According to a press release issued by the company this week, the new tire is one of the best wet-braking pursuit tires on the market, with up to 21-foot shorter stopping distances compared to other brands. "The BFGoodrich Elite-Force T/A tire responds to emergencies in any condition, from driving downpours to grinding gravel roads," said Kim Kegler, BFGoodrich Tires Brand Director, in the press release. "We developed a BFGoodrich tire that can answer any and every call in the most severe conditions."  

To develop the new tire, BFGoodrich incorporated law enforcement feedback in its design and testing for the Elite-Force T/A. Major Jason Ramey of the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina was one of the law enforcement officers involved. "Wet-traction handling is the most important to me, especially in high-speed situations," he said. 

In addition to the superior wet performance, BFGoodrich says they are designed to be 35 percent stronger with a redesigned tread pattern for increased durability and improved wear life. The tire also comes in various sizes to fit today's law enforcement vehicles, whether sedans like the Dodge Charger or SUVs like a Chevrolet Tahoe or Ford Explorer. Additionally, the tire is available with a badge-inspired design on the sidewall or with a traditional sidewall for undercover work. 

Looking on the internet, there is no shortage of videos about high-speed chases or other incidents where law enforcement push their vehicles to the limit. Recently we covered a high-speed chase in Arkansas and a wild school bus chase that ended in a cornfield. Both these situations illustrate the importance of purpose-built tires that can handle heavy amounts of abuse. 

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