The Bentley Batur debuted in August 2022, and the brand began on-road development a few months later. Now, that process is officially over, and the British brand can start building 18 examples for customers.

Bentley built two pre-production Baturs for over 18,641 miles of real-world testing and a combined 58 weeks of evaluation. Car Zero featured a vibrant Purple Sector body with a Gloss Dark Titanium grille with Black Crystal elements. Car Zero-Zero received a Marina Teal body, and the brand specifically used it for development in Europe and high-speed driving on closed circuits.

Gallery: Bentley Batur Development Finished

The Batur has over 800 unique components that no other Bentley uses. For example, the interior trim includes recycled, 3D-printed gold on the so-called Charisma Dial that surrounds the start/stop button.

The Batur is the final Bentley to use the brand's twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine, and the brand is sending it out with a bang. This version makes 740 horsepower rather than 710 hp in other iterations. The torque output remains at 737 pound-feet. The revisions to the engine include a tweaked air intake, modified turbochargers, and altered intercoolers. The software calibrations for the powerplant, transmission, and electronic stability control also differ from the usual setup.

This limited-run, grand-touring coupe gets around on an air suspension, active anti-roll bars, and four-wheel steering. The car has torque vectoring and an electronic limited-slip differential for managing the power.

All 18 Baturs already have reserved buyers, and the cars start at $2 million. These customers get to work with Bentley's Mulliner personalization division to specify the colors and materials throughout the vehicle. The brand has an eye toward keeping the model green by offering leather that uses less water and aldehyde than traditional tanning. A textile that uses the byproducts of the coffee roasting process is available, and recycled yarn is available for the carpets.

Each customer-spec Batur takes around four months to produce because so much of the work happens by hand. Bentley expects to complete the last one in late 2024.

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