With more than 60,000 deliveries to customers in Europe last year, the Kodiaq is one of Skoda’s most important models. Launched in 2016, the SUV available in a three-row configuration is starting to show its age and a new generation is currently under development. It won’t take long until we see it in its full glory – the debut is scheduled for this fall – and the preparations for its production are well underway now.

The Czech company releases two new teaser images with the 2024 Kodiaq, which show us the naked body of the model. It is very difficult to tell much about its design considering there are no bumpers, lights, windows, or wheels, but from this early glance, it looks like the SUV will retain its basic proportions almost unchanged. Also, we know from previous teaser images and spy photos the Kodiaq won’t be dramatically redesigned on the outside.

Gallery: 2024 Skoda Kodiaq teaser images

One of Skoda’s most practical vehicles (together with the Superb Combi) will continue to be manufactured at the company’s Kvasiny plant for its second generation. This is where the Karoq and Superb are also currently manufactured, but the latter will be moved to Bratislava for its next-generation version thus freeing up capacity for additional 150,000 units annually of the Kodiaq and Karoq in Kvasiny. 

The new Kodiaq will receive a plug-in hybrid variant, which will be assembled on the same production line as the standard combustion-powered models. Skoda is investing almost $13 million in converting the existing line to cover the requirements of the next-gen SUV and its electrified powertrain. When at full capacity, the Kvasiny plant should be capable of producing up to 410 Kodiaqs every day.

Introduced originally at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, the Kodiaq has been produced in more than 800,000 examples already. Its name is inspired by the largest brown bear on the planet, the Kodiak bear, living on the island of the same name. The second-gen MQB-based SUV will debut at a standalone event this fall. Meanwhile, Skoda is working on the next-generation Superb, which is also set to be unveiled at a special event later this year.

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