Ford has started customer deliveries of the new 2023 Super Duty. After a lengthy real-world testing phase and additional quality checks, the truck is now ready to be shipped to retail and commercial clients around the United States.

About 11,000 UAW hourly workers – more than 9,000 at Kentucky Truck Plant and around 1,800 at Ohio Assembly Plant – now assemble the F-Series family of trucks. The production of the new Super Duty was boosted with a $700 million investment adding a further 500 jobs at Louisville. Together with local sales, suppliers, and employees help support, nearly 200,000 direct and indirect jobs are involved in the production at the two plants, generating a combined GDP of approximately $19 billion.

Gallery: 2023 Ford Super Duty production

“The all-new 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is the tough-tested icon that our customers trust. It is the smartest and most capable truck we’ve ever built offering must-have towing tech, embedded 5G capability, over-the-air updates plus an entire suite of available Ford Pro Intelligence solutions to help maximize uptime and accelerate productivity. And of course, its best-in-class payload and towing, more than any of our competitors, means this truck can take on any job,” Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO, commented at the start of the production.

Ford has been accepting orders for the new Super Duty since October last year and is so far enjoying an unprecedented demand with more than 150,000 pre-orders received in just five weeks. The Super Duty family of trucks is Ford’s most profitable product and the company has applied a new quality check system that takes around three hours per vehicle.

In addition, Ford wants to make sure the Super Duty can withstand hundreds of thousands of miles because that’s what the customers expect from the truck. The new exhaustive road testing program puts an emphasis on high-mileage tests, while every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line is driven 25 miles by a Ford employee as an additional last-minute quality inspection before delivery.

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