In addition to automobiles and motorcycles, Honda makes gasoline-powered mowers and equipment like generators and power tools. This equipment ranks among the best in the industry according to review sites like Pro Tool Reviews, which regularly gives Honda's self-propelled mowers top ratings for dependability and ease of use. However, that is about to end as Honda exits the gasoline-powered lawn equipment business next year.  

According to a recent press release, Honda notified its power equipment dealers in October 2022, informing them that it would stop manufacturing lawnmowers and other gas-powered equipment effective September 2023. In the press release, the company said, “The decision to end lawn mower production is driven by market forces such as stricter environmental regulations, shifting customer preferences, and our focus on growing profitable products in our portfolio."

Honda also said it would continue selling the remainder of its lawn and garden product line and industrial-type power products through 2024 until the inventory is gone. It also pledged to continue supporting its service and parts operations in the US market.

While Honda did not cite specific reasons, it's apparent that ongoing supply chain issues and the growth of battery-powered lawn care equipment took their toll on its power tool division. It also has not developed any battery-powered equipment to compete with other manufacturers like Toro and Stihl and newcomers like Ego and Greenworks. This approach is similar to the one taken by Honda's automotive division, which only recently began planning to switch some of its plants over to EV production. 

Time will tell if Honda completely exits the power equipment market or comes out with its own line of electric lawnmowers and power tools. However, other brands that use Honda gasoline engines for mowers and equipment like generators will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, US manufacturing plants like the one in Swepsonville, North Carolina, will switch to building all-terrain vehicles like quad-runners and UTVs. 

Power tool enthusiasts hope that Honda will remain in the market or eventually return in some form. Pro Tool Reviews speculated in its article that the company would eventually return with a new product line and continue building high-quality, dependable equipment. 

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