Porsche is readying a new 911 heritage model called the ST, and a fresh batch of spy shots captured the coupe testing in public. We first saw the model a year ago tomorrow, and little has changed in its disguise. It’ll be the follow-up to the Targa 4S Heritage Design model.

This wouldn’t be the first Porsche to wear the ST branding, which the automaker used in the early 1970s for its lightweight race cars. Rumors suggest Porsche is keeping things light for the new ST, with the model possibly being the lightest 992.1.-generation variant. The automaker is expected to use carbon fiber for the doors, roof, engine bonnet, and interior bits, which should benefit its performance capabilities.

Gallery: New Porsche 911 ST Spy Photos

All signs indicate that the new 911 will be based on the GT3 Touring. Numerous spy shots have shown the new model borrowing bits from that variant, like the center-lock wheels. However, the sharing might extend beyond just the looks.

Sources say the 911 ST will have a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine under its bonnet. It makes 502 horsepower and 347 pound-feet of torque in the GT3, but Porsche engineers might decide to squeeze out more power for the special heritage model. It’ll likely pair with the brand’s automatic transmission, but the company could also offer a manual version. 

The new ST features GT3-like hood vents, and the camouflage appears to hide other similar styling details. However, the ST will differentiate itself from the GT3 in other aspects, like the double-bubble roof. We expect Porsche to keep production numbers low and its exclusivity (and price) high.

Porsche’s expansive lineup means there’s always something new in development, and it’s unclear when we could see the new 911 variant break cover. One recent report suggested we could see the new ST debut as soon as June 8, commemorating the day the automaker registered a car with the Porsche name in 1948. It won’t be the only new 911 in development, with Porsche preparing to introduce the facelifted 992.2 generation next year.

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