The next-gen Mini Cooper is coming soon, and now we have a pretty good idea of what the next-generation interior will look like. A fresh batch of spy photos takes us inside the small hatchback, where we see lots of covers and a big ol' round display screen in the middle.

A center-mounted round display isn't new territory for Mini, but this one is considerably larger than what you'll find on the current model. It's mounted to the dash tablet-style, with just a small collection of buttons and switches below it. The screen appears to show music stations primarily, though at the very top, we can see typical driver information such as speed and range to empty. In this case, empty refers to the battery's state of charge, as our spy sources identify this Mini as an electric model.

Gallery: Mini Cooper Electric Interior Spy Photos

The driver info at the top of the screen is noteworthy here, as you'll notice pretty much everything else on the dash – including the space in front of the driver – is covered. Whereas other cars have either analog gauges or a second digital screen just for the driver, the next-gen Cooper will have just the center unit. A heads-up display should be available to project info onto the windshield, but otherwise, the new Mini's greenhouse should be a clean, minimalistic environment much like that of the Concept Aceman shown in July 2022.

It's worth noting that these shots capture the interior of an electric Mini, but an internal combustion model will coexist with the EV. Whether the gas-powered version adopts the same interior styling remains to be seen.

What isn't a mystery is how the car will look on the outside. Spy photos captured in early April caught a blue Cooper on what appeared to be a film shoot in Los Angeles. It wasn't wearing any camouflage, and the photos were so clear that Mini decided to officially call it an exterior debut with a few more staged photos of their own.

Expect a full reveal for the next Mini, likely as a 2025 model, coming soon.

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