SEAT delivered 385,600 vehicles worldwide last year, which represented an 18.1 percent decrease compared to 2021. The company blamed primarily shortages of semiconductors and other essential parts for the bad result but it is also important to note that the Spanish automaker has a relatively small model range with no electric vehicles. According to a new report, SEAT could discontinue all its cars by the end of the decade and be transformed into a different kind of automotive business.

At a glance, this sounds like a little too radical change for one of Europe’s respected brands, though Autocar reports SEAT could be repositioned as an urban mobility brand targeting young people living in big cities. There’s no final decision yet but someone within the company shined more light.

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“We're keeping SEAT fresh and will continue with hybrid and high-efficiency combustion until the end of the decade. We're now analyzing which role SEAT will play in the future when combustion will finish. SEAT could transform itself into a mobility solutions provider/an urban mobility brand for young people, like with the Seat Mó.”

SEAT’s only electric product currently on sale is the Mo electric scooter. The company previewed another four-wheeled EV with the Minimo concept but that project was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Autocar now reports the brand has no plans to launch a battery electric vehicle until 2026, if at all. That task will reportedly be left to Cupra, which enjoys strong growth in its deliveries. 

“At this moment, SEAT and Cupra are developing in parallel. We have the best of two worlds: combustion and electric,” the firm told the British publication. Cupra will have the Tavascan electric crossover on sale next year, offering a sportier alternative to the Volkswagen ID.5 and other MEB-based vehicles under VAG’s umbrella.

As a final note, Cupra is currently considering a potential entry in North America in an attempt to expand its business. The company's executives are reportedly analyzing the move and testing the brand with potential clients. The early feedback is said to be promising.

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