Right now, the range-topping trim in the Porsche Taycan family is the Turbo S. With 750 horsepower driving its electric powertrain, it can rip to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. It's a perfectly reasonable flagship model for a performance-oriented sedan lineup, but it's not the fastest four-door EV you can buy right now. That honor goes to the Tesla Model S Plaid, but the car you see here might challenge that notion.

We've seen numerous camouflaged Porsche Taycan test vehicles in recent months, as the model is due for a mid-cycle refresh. What we haven't seen much are prototypes with properly massive brakes, ultra-thin tires, and a big rear spoiler. The tires and brakes aren't necessarily game-changers, but you won't find that wing on a Taycan Turbo S. If this is a Turbo GT, our spy sources believe it could pack over 1,000 hp from its electric motors. That would most decidedly give Porsche a prize fighter to face the bonkers Model S Plaid.

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There's more happening than just the spoiler, however. In typical Porsche style, a mere glance wouldn't identify this as a camo'd prototype. The black finish is augmented at the front and rear with matching black tape and black covers, hiding small design changes to both fascias. Of particular interest are protrusions at the back, covering small winglets at the corners that we've actually seen uncovered. The front fascia looks to carry similar corner winglets, while the fascia itself could gain additional vents for cooling. No, it's not cooling an engine. But brakes and batteries need fresh air, too. Especially if 1,000 hp is in the mix.

In previous sightings of the potential GT, we were able to peek inside to see a roll cage in the back with an aggressive racing seat at the front. This time around, the windows are just as black as the car, and the windshield might have a coating to help deflect light. We don't have a clear look into the cockpit, but we think the roll cage is now gone. That likely means we're closer to a debut.

Exactly how close, we still don't know. We do know that Taycan prototypes have been testing in public for many months now, so a reveal before the end of this year seems likely.

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