Following a preview in early November 2022, Mitsubishi has fully revealed the Delica Mini in Japan. An outdoorsy kei car, the tiny hatchback with its boxy styling is available with optional all-wheel drive and hybrid power. It gets hands-free sliding rear doors and an upright body with design traits inspired by the larger Delica D:5. The pseudo trucklet looks tough thanks to SUV-like silver skid plates and chunky plastic body cladding.

Being engineered to comply with kei car regulations, the new Delica flavor lives up to its "Mini" suffix as it's only 133.6 inches (3395 millimeters) long and 1475 mm (58 in) wide, but 1830 mm (72 in) tall. Its wheelbase measures 2495 mm (98.2 in) and gets special tuning for the shock absorbers in the case of the AWD variant.

2023 Mitsubishi Delica Mini (JDM)

Depending on trim level, it rides on 14- or 15-inch wheels with 155/65 R14 or 165/55 R15 tires, respectively, for the front-wheel-drive model. Go for the AWD version and Mitsubishi will fit different 15-inch wheels wrapped in 165/60 R15 tires. The fuel tank's capacity is just 7.1 gallons (27 liters). The lightest version available weighs 2,138 pounds (970 kilograms) whereas the heaviest tips the scales at 2,337 lbs (1,060 kg).

Power is provided by a three-cylinder, 0.66-liter naturally aspirated engine with 52 hp and 44 lb-ft (60 Nm) for the base model. Step up to the punchier version and you'll get a mighty 64 hp and 74 lb-ft (100 Nm). The Delica Mini is offered exclusively with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and both engines can work with FWD or AWD.

Although it's a pint-sized car, the Mitsubishi Delica Mini is loaded with features. Aside from Grip Control and Hill Descent systems, it also has adaptive LED headlights (with automatic high beam), adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and even traffic sign recognition. Inside, there's stain-resistant, water-repellent fabric upholstery while the cargo area is also stain-resistant.

Available with 12 paint finishes, half of which have a two-tone look, the Delica Mini will go on sale on May 25, priced from 1,804,000 to 2,238,500 yen. That works out to about $13,800 to $17,000 at current exchange rates. Mitsubishi already has about 9,000 preorders, with 60 percent being for the AWD model while 80 percent have chosen the range-topping trim level.

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