Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are lauded for their versatility and modularity, making them a perfect base for a motorhome. But in terms of space, are they huge enough to accommodate another van inside its cabin? A video from TFLnow on YouTube aims to answer that.

In the video, TFL explores a Mercedes Sprinter-based motorhome called the Adventure Wagon. This van is unique in that it has a track system on the floor and the walls, making it super modular.

The first part of the video takes you to the different aspects of the van and what makes it so special. There are rear seats that move around and can be placed wherever you need them to be. There is a sleeping platform with a thick padded mattress on top, and storage that unzips so you can store things above where you sleep. The van is set up perfectly for a weekend adventure, whether it is mountain biking or skiing.

In the second part of the video, the TFL crew strips everything out of the van to see how long it takes them to turn it into a cargo van. They are doing this to show how easy it is to change the setup of the Adventure Wagon. They were told it takes only about 15 minutes to strip everything out, but it takes them longer since it is their first time.

And then finally, the most interesting part of the video: fitting a Suzuki Every van inside the Sprinter. The Suzuki van is a Japanese kei van imported straight from Japan. With heavy-duty ramps, the crew proceeds to drive the Suzuki van into the Sprinter van. They encounter a few challenges, such as the bumper touching the bottom of the ramps, and the roof of the Sprinter van catching on the Suzuki van's roof as it moves further inside.

Ultimately, they almost manage to get the Suzuki van all the way inside the Sprinter van, with just a small part of it sticking out. Mission failed? We think not.

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