The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a common platform for building a camper, but this family puts their own spin on it. The build has Southwestern-inspired decor, a wet bath, and a fold-down murphy bed.

This is the couple's second custom camper build after initially making one out of a bus. The Sprinter incorporates their lessons from the earlier rig into this van. One change is opting for an electric cooktop, rather than gas. They have been living in this Sprinter for two years and already started thinking about their next creation with additional room for their new baby.

Mariajosé is one of the van's owners, and she loves to cook, so having a nice kitchen was a priority for this vehicle. There's a large, farmhouse-style sink. One of her favorite features is a pull-out pantry that's hidden when not in use. There are also plenty of drawers for additional storage.

The wet bathroom includes a custom toilet layout where the urine flows into a separate storage tank. An ultra-efficient showerhead minimizes the couple's water usage.

The very back has some of the van's most novel features. During normal usage, there's a space functioning as a lounge and work area with an L-shaped couch. A screen takes up the opposite side. A murphy bed folds down from the wall when it's time to sleep. This doubles the usefulness of that area in the Sprinter.

The Southwestern design includes earth tones in the color scheme. A spray-on texture gave the walls their look. Opening the rear doors reveals an inlaid table that folds upward. It's small but has enough space to function as a standing desk if the couple wants to work outside.

For power, the van has 600 amp-hours of batteries and 600 watts of solar on the roof. Plus, there's a 225-amp DC-to-DC charger. To keep comfortable, the Sprinter has a diesel heater and two ceiling-mounted fans.

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