Ford expands its lineup of Ranger trims in Europe with the launch of the Tremor and Wildtrak X. The two stand out from other Ranger trims with their upgraded suspension bits and unique styling touches.

We covered the new Ranger Wildtrak X last week when Ford launched it in Australia. It features more ground clearance and a wider stance, which Ford augmented with an upgraded long-travel suspension. Now standard are Bilstein dampers and an uprated heavy-duty steering system. The truck protects its oily bits with a steel bash plate.

Gallery: New Ford Ranger Tremor

It comes standard with Ford’s Trail Turn Assist that can reduce the truck’s turning radius by 25 percent using brake-based torque vectoring. Other software goodies include Trail Control – an off-road version of cruise control – and Rock Crawl mode, a feature once exclusive to the Ranger Raptor. The rock mode calibrates the truck to better navigate uneven and rocky terrain by managing throttle response, traction control, and gearshift schedule.

While Ford based the new Tremor on the XLT trim, the pickup also adopts the chassis and technology upgrades from the Wildtrak X. The Tremor features the X’s revised suspension geometry, which required the automaker to add fender arches to contain the wider track.

The Blue Oval upgraded the Tremor’s appearance with a long-leg tubular sports bar around the bed and cast aluminum side steps. It has a darkened grille, Boulder Gray exterior accents, and exposed twin front tow hooks. Inside, Ford added water-resistant vinyl trim to the seats and floor. Ford offers the Ranger Tremor with an optional pre-wired overhead switch pack with six inputs that owners can use for a winch, a light bar, and other equipment.

Powering the new Ranger trims is Ford’s 2.0-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder engine. It produces 202 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque. The automaker routes power to the pickup’s full-time four-wheel drive system through its 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The Ranger Wildtrak X and Tremor are available to order now in Europe. Deliveries across the continent are expected to begin this August. The two new trims will arrive in Europe featuring the automaker’s new Flexible Rack System, which will also be available in the Limited and regular Wildtrak. It allows the truck to carry long items on the roof.  

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