New spy photos have captured a small crossover out testing, and it’s likely a new Fiat judging by the design. It looks like the Fiat 500X at first glance, but the automaker discontinued it at the end of last year. This vehicle is something new and different.

The compact crossover that we’re calling the Fiat 600 continues to wear a tight-fitting camouflage wrap. This hides the Fiat’s styling details, but the round headlights are visible. The crossover’s overall shape is reminiscent of Fiat’s brand ethos, with a short hood and slanted hatch.

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While these new spy photos don’t show off the car’s interior, previous spy shots did catch a glimpse. A round bezel surrounds the digital instrument cluster, which sits next to a wide rectangular infotainment display.

The new Fiat is allegedly related to the Jeep Avenger. The 600 will ride on Stellantis’ second generation CMP architecture, which underpins several models from various brands under the company’s control. It’s also unclear what Fiat will call it, as it will kill off the 500X name.

Fiat will likely offer an electric version of the model, packing a front-mounted electric motor making 154 horsepower, as Stellantis does in its other electric offerings. Stickers on the car indicate this example has a lithium-ion battery on board, but it could be a hybrid setup, too.

Including an electric powertrain might not completely replace a gasoline engine option. As with the Avenger, Fiat could offer a gas-powered variant in specific markets. A turbocharged 1.3-liter three-cylinder could power the new 600.

We don’t know when Fiat plans to reveal the crossover. However, rumors suggest it won’t happen until late this year. Fiat has struggled in the US since its introduction, but the brand hasn’t given up on America yet.

Last November, Fiat revealed it will bring the iconic 500 back to the US as an EV. A larger 600 sitting next to it would be a nice compliment on dealer lots, as the only other model that Fiat sells in the US is the 500X, which disappears after this generation. However, we have no idea if the new Fiat will arrive in America.

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