Truck campers are practical solutions for people who want to go everywhere without having to pull an extra vehicle behind them. Better suited for off-roading, their only drawback is space. Now, ioCamper has a solution in the form of a truck camper that opens up, providing the space of an RV. 

The ioCamper Truck features an expandable body that can be attached to a dual-cab pickup truck like a Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger in 15 minutes. It's made from fiberglass-reinforced PE material with high-density insulation and is completely waterproof and windproof. Starting out the size of a standard truck bed camper, the enclosure slides out, providing space for up to five people.  

Inside, the ioCamper looks like a travel trailer with a sizeable slideout section. Closed, it measures almost 14 feet long from the front overhang to the back wall and is 7 feet wide. Fully expanded, it extends to over 19 feet in length, increasing the living space by about 30 percent. Buyers can choose between a shell version of the camper or a full model that is completely furnished.  

The full model is well appointed, featuring a double bed at the front and two couches in the rear that convert to single beds. Furnishings include a dining table, kitchen with hot plate, sink, and a small refrigerator/freezer. A small bathroom is enclosed next to the kitchen area with a sink, shower, and small toilet. The camper also features a lockable door, four windows with screens and blackout shades, and rooftop ventilation. Power is supplied by a 12-volt battery and includes outlets, USB sockets, and LED lighting. 

The shell version of the ioCamper is essentially four walls the owner can build out to his or her requirements. Like the full version, it includes a double bed, lockable door, roof ventilation, and windows.

Based in Europe, ioCamper is a small company whose products are distributed by Richter-Manufactur of Germany. The company's website advertises "worldwide distribution" but does not appear to have a delivery network in the US. That could change, considering the popularity of pickup trucks in America. Or, at the very least, it could inspire a domestic company to begin offering a similar product.      

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