Ruf Automobile has built some truly amazing vehicles over the years; the iconic CTR "Yellowbird," the hill climb-ready Bergmeister, and the stylish SCR, just to name a few. Headquartered in Pfaffenhausen in Bavaria, Germany, the historic automaker now has a permanent home in North America – and in a city known for sports cars and sunshine, no less.

During this year's Flat Six Fest in Miami, Alois Ruf Jr. announced that Ruf would be setting up shop in South Florida at the Concours Club. The Concours Club, you might remember from our previous coverage, is a high-end playground for affluent enthusiasts that sits just steps away from the Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport.

Ruf US Headquarters Miami
Ruf US Headquarters Miami
Ruf US Headquarters Miami

"Ruf Automobile stands for engineering excellence, authenticity, passion, and above all, the thrill of driving," says Ruf North America President Victor Gomez IV. "Establishing our headquarters in a global destination city like Miami at a special automotive resort like The Concours Club is a perfect base of operations."

Ruf will have a full run of the Concours Club track and amenities, which includes a 2,100-foot front straightaway for high-speed testing, a 46-foot wide driving surface, and a fully digital telemetry system for recording on-track data. Ruf will also offer vehicle sales, service, parts, and private events to its American clients.

Gallery: Ruf US Headquarters Miami

"The Concours Club presents an incredible opportunity to engage with our customers in a very special way," said Gomez.

Ruf made news recently by releasing a documentary that encapsulates the brand's 80-year history. The 50-minute documentary reveals the origins of the Ruf brand and goes into detail on the CTR's record-breaking 213-mph speed run. Soon, we'll see some of those iconic cars on the streets of South Florida.

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