The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio has always been a supercar disguised as a four-door sports sedan. What makes it great is its razor-sharp handling and the 503 horsepower twin-turbo V6. So when the automaker announced the next iteration of the car would be electric, it caused some trepidation. 

In an interview with Autocar, Alfa Romeo's CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, sought to reassure people about the next Giulia. The new car will evolve into an EV with a 345 horsepower base model and a more powerful Veloce variant making upwards of 790 horsepower. But the real treat will be a 1000 horsepower Quadrifolio, making almost double the current car's number.   

As the most powerful version, the Quadrifolio will most likely get all-wheel drive and use a similar setup to the new Maserati Granturismo Folgore, which uses three electric motors and torque-vectoring capability. Imparato also indicated the EV's range would be around 435 miles, comparable to the current internal combustion car's limit. 

Alfa Romeo's CEO also emphasized the importance of transforming the automaker into a fully electric one. “We switch because we must,” he said. “If not, Alfa Romeo would be dead.” However, he was also quick to qualify the transformation as one that owners would appreciate. “We will switch in a real concrete substitution mode. I don’t want you to suffer from anything. I want you to love it.”

Design-wise, the Giulia could evolve from its current sedan form to become more of a fastback-style wagon in an attempt to lure more buyers. Yet it will still be "the Alfa Romeo we all want," according to Imparato.   

Regardless of what shape the new Giulia takes, it's expected to arrive by the middle of the decade, helping Alfa Romeo achieve its goal of being a purely electric brand by 2027. This timeline likely means the new vehicle will share Stellantis' 800-volt electrical architecture and ride on the STLA platform. As a result, the Guilia will offer substantial performance as well as quick charging capability, with a 10 to 80% recharge taking less than 18 minutes.

But until the new electric Alfa Romeo Giulia arrives, we still have the old one, which not only includes the Quadrifoglio and the incredible GTA and GTAm

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