Just yesterday, Mercedes-Benz published the first photos of the next-generation E-Class, depicting the cabin of the luxury model. Codenamed W214, the vehicle will be launched with a number of tech upgrades, including a three-screen layout, interior-facing cameras, and new on-screen applications such as Tik Tok and Angry Birds. Today, the Stuttgart-based automaker is already previewing its next-generation operating system, though without providing any photos.

The Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS) is a new purpose-built architecture that will take a central position in the company’s every new product starting in the middle of this decade. Developed in-house with support from a few tech partners, it will be first introduced to models based on the MMA platform and will feature full access to all core vehicle domains, including infotainment, automated driving, comfort, driving, and charging.

Gallery: 2024 Mercedes E-Class interior

Nvidia is one of the companies involved in the development process of MB.OS and the tech giant is responsible for some of the software, data, and AI. Luminar will provide some of the sensors and LiDARs, while Google – partnering with Mercedes for the first time – will develop a next-generation in-car navigation system. It’s important to note that the automaker will use its own branded navigation system that will be implemented into MB.OS and based on technologies from Google. Other notable features will include YouTube for the infotainment system screen.

In-car gaming is becoming increasingly popular and Mercedes’ next-generation operating system will provide hundred of arcade game titles through Antstream. As already announced for the new E-Class, the automaker will also work to improve in-car video conference solutions with applications such as Webex and Zoom. Especially for the Chinese market, MB.OS will be equipped with dedicated content from Tencent. Last but not least, the new technology will also enhance Level 2 and Level 3 self-driving functions powered by Nvidia’s Drive platform. Needless to say, regular over-the-air updates will keep the system always up to date.

With the new E-Class later this year, Mercedes will offer a glimpse of its next-generation operating system. The third-generation MBUX is a direct precursor to the MB.OS and offers some of its functions. A new MBUX application for Android users will allow the installation of third-party apps for a better user experience compared to mirrored apps.

Note: 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior photos are used in the article.

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