Mercedes-Benz is giving two of its most popular models a healthy improvement in the infotainment department. The latest generations of C-Class and S-Class receive an over-the-air update for the MBUX infotainment system, which brings a new and more functional user interface. 

The so-called Zero Layer comes straight from the electric EQS and EQE models and introduces a new screen with a large map view and individual selection blocks. These tiles provide quick and intuitive access to different features without having to scroll through sub-menus. Even more interestingly, the system learns the user’s behavior and remembers the typical settings or routes they use most frequently. Once it has gathered enough information, it starts suggesting personalized functions.

Gallery: Mercedes C-Class, S-Class get Zero Layer software update

Mercedes even gives an example of how this self-learning tech works. Imagine that you are calling your family on the way home from work every evening. The system would eventually learn this habit and will suggest a telephone call at the correct time with a tile on the top menu. The user, of course, can reject this suggestion. 

The OTA update also brings more artificial intelligence-based functions, such as the so-called Energizing Comfort, which is a relaxing massage during long journeys. This and other functions are automatically offered to the user based on their behavior for a certain period of time. The developers call these self-learning features Magic Modules. The focus of the screen, however, always remains the navigation map.

The Zero Layer interface made its debut in 2021 with the EQS and EQE electric sedans. It is now standard on all new C-Class and S-Class vehicles, as well as available to existing vehicles from the series through an over-the-air update. As soon as the update is ready for installation, the customers will be notified via the MBUX infotainment system and via the Mercedes me app. Future series models from the Stuttgart-based brand are also going to get this new software. 

“We have been offering over-the-air updates since 2013. We give our customers the opportunity to upgrade their vehicles with the latest software over the entire term, whenever and wherever they want. The update to the Zero Layer offers a 100 percent personalized and intuitive user experience, with all relevant functions always in view," said Magnus Östberg, Chief Software Officer at Mercedes‑Benz.

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