Bowlus is a company that builds some of the most luxurious travel trailers in the world. Wrapped in streamlined retro-looking packages, those RVs are also among the most expensive ones on the market, easily surpassing the $300,000 mark when you add the options you want and need. But for the 2023 model year, Bowlus presents a new entry-level product that is significantly more affordable than the rest of the company’s models.

The Heritage Edition doesn’t disappoint with its “mill finish” exterior, which is a satin silver finish compared to the polished aluminum finish of the firm’s more expensive products. The signature Bowlus shape is made of riveted aluminum with monocoque construction similar to that of an aircraft. Alternatively, for the first time, Bowlus also offers a wrap option for the Heritage Edition that allows customers to customize their RVs in matte black or satin grey.

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Bowlus highlights that the weight of the travel trailer is just around 2,900 pounds (1,315 kilograms) in base form, which, the company claims, makes it the world’s lightest full-size travel trailer currently in production. Bowlus also promises over 80 percent range when an electric vehicle tows it, similar to the Terra Firma and Volterra models

Every Heritage Edition trailer comes with a 2 kWh battery pack, while Power Package I adds a further 2 kWh, a 2,000-watt inverter, solar power, Bluetooth power monitoring, and off-grid air conditioning for up to 4 hours. There’s also a Power Package II, which upgrades the equipment to a 3,000-watt inverter, a 6 kWh battery pack, a touchscreen power panel, and off-grid air conditioning for up to 8 hours. Bowlus says that the more expensive power option provides an off-grid living for up to one and a half weeks.

Even though the Heritage Edition is the manufacturer’s entry-level product, it has virtually everything you’ll need for a week-long stay in nature. The cabin can comfortably accommodate four grownups and as standard, the RV comes with a King size bed. Optionally, customers can place custom orders for bedding and outdoor awnings that meet their requirements.

Bowlus is now accepting orders for the 2023 Heritage Edition. Prices start at $159,000 MSRP and financing is available starting at $1,027/month.

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